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Pet Stain Removal Tips

Cleaning of fresh pet urine stains

If one of your pets urinate on your hardwood floor it is important to clean up the urine as soon as you can to eliminate odor and stain problems. The longer it stays on your floor the greater the chance for damage.

Pet Stain Repair - Before

Do your floors look like this?


Soak up the urine with a dry towel or rag.

Next make a solution of equal parts distilled white vinegar and cold water and wipe the area completely. Repeat this a few times to insure you have thoroughly cleaned up the area.

Dry the area.

This procedure should get rid of the urine smell and the stickiness.

Pet Stain Removal Instructions:

Wipe the stained area with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a rag.

If no adverse reaction occurs from the wiping and the stain has not disappeared then apply more hydrogen peroxide to the area letting it soak into the wood. This may require several hours of reaction time. The stain should be lighter in color once it dries.

If the trouble area is now lighter in color than the surrounding floor you may need to apply a wood stain to match the color. This may require some experimenting with different colors on some sample boards.

Lightly sand the area to allow absorption of stain.

Stain the area.

After about 6 hours apply a light coat of polyurethane to seal floor.

Once the polyurethane has dried lightly sand the area and apply a second coat of polyurethane.

Deep pet stains or large stained areas may be beyond the ability of these simple solutions and may require professional assistance. Please take a minute and look at some of the pictures of the work we have done with pet stained floors.

If you would like us to bring your floor back to looking like it should, just give us a call.

Don’t spend another day hiding those damaged wood floors with your rugs and furniture. Let us repair the damage to your floors and start showing them off. If you have inlaid wood floors, we can even repair and replace the inlays.

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